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ISANO is a global concierge and consultancy.

Using our knowledge, experience and contacts, we help businesses and individuals access selected services in established and emerging markets.


We selectively source, aggregate and curate products and services offered by our carefully-selected partners based on quality, competitiveness and trust.


Since 2007 we’ve been connecting partners who offer services, to those contacts that want them. Whether it’s securing competitive corporate hotel rates for your company’s trade delegation to India or luxury VIP packages for the Monaco Grand Prix, ISANO connects you to partners we trust to deliver.


But once you’re connected, don’t expect us to leave you there. We stay in the game from start to finish, coordinating with our partners, advising and assisting you, until you achieve the best possible outcome that’s right for you or your company.

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IONS Concierge

Let our IONS Concierge handle the stress of dealing with the essentials

so you can focus on making the most of your trip.

  • Personal RelatIONship Managers

    Your own Personal Relationship Manager (PRM) to coordinate travel, accommodation, and access to multiple services to help you get, and stay, organised.

  • TransportatION

    We book both international and domestic flights, trains, and our multi-lingual PRMs coordinate airport transfers, all-day cars and even converse with Hindi-speaking Uber drivers for you.

  • CommunicatION

    Upon arrival you’ll get a phone with an activated local SIM card and a tablet with the Isano app for you to explore and access all the services we offer.

  • AccommodatION

    Get access to competitive rates at hotels and heritage resorts across India, and take advantage of our exclusive network of private rooms, flats and villas in Mumbai, Delhi, and Goa.

We get you connected.

We help you get organised.

We get you results.

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I used ISANO concierge and MyFriendsFlat several times in Mumbai, sometimes for a few days, sometimes for a month. All their places were great
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