India Made Easy

Tourism is the largest industry in the world.

And being one of the top global destinations, India is indeed incredible. But accessing facilities and services in India can at times be difficult and time-consuming, especially if you’re an expat or tourist with a mere guide book in hand, or for a foreign company trying to overcome the bureaucracy and inefficiencies of doing business there.

The ISANO team will not only assist clients with every conceivable personal and corporate service, but our exclusive ISANO Membership will give them generous discounts and exclusives at boutiques, health spas and many other ISANO Partners in Mumbai, Delhi and across India. Which other service provides free phones with local pre-activated Sim cards and Wifi-ed iPads and laptops when staying at a 5* hotel, and every client gets their own Personal Relationship Manager.

Just some of the ways in which ISANO is here to make everyones life that much easier.