I recently used the services of ISANO and MyFriendsFlat while on a business trip to Mumbai, and the service was absolutely perfect!!! I used a wide spectrum of their services from accommodations to car service and mobile phone services, for close to a month. I also had the opportunity to utilize their services for suggestion on spa services, where to eat, where to shop, as well as ISANO was able to arrange special passes for private parties, for me. Whether it was a random question, like “where can I get the zipper of my suitcase fixed” or directions to a specific venue, Belal and Sonal were extremely attentive and highly professional. I would highly recommend ISANO and MyFriendsFlat to anyone travelling to Mumbai, India for business or pleasure. They make life there so much simpler. Thank you ISANO, so much for offering such an amazing concierge service!!!!! I look forward to working with you again.

Attention to detail, clear communication, intuitive ability to find perfect matches. Thank you ISANO team for a fabulous Mumbai experience.

I used ISANO concierge and MyFriendsFlat several times in Mumbai, sometimes for a few days, sometimes for a month. All their places were great, perfectly serviced and very good value for money. But the best of the whole experience were the beautiful people I got to meet in the process. Finding the way in a new city costs time and money, ISANO helped me a lot to save on both. Would certainly recommend it to my colleagues and friends!

I found the service that was offered by Isano to be exactly what I needed on my first business trip to India.  The choice of hotels, to the ease of getting around through the logistics provided by Isano, making it easy to concentrate on doing business.

Business which was aided by the key appointments Isano secured  to meet key decision makers relating to our particular field.

My family and I have used the services of Isano on multiple occasions and on each trip we have made to India.  Even though we are Indian, not living in India for about 3 decades has made us lose touch with how things really work in India. Belal and his team bridge that gap, and offer us the service to truly enjoy our trip minus any frustrations. We have a phone when we land, our hotel is booked, our cars are arranged, all thanks to the Isano team. They even recommended shopping areas and beauty salons that are top notch. Our trip would not have been as enjoyable without their support. They are the epitome of customer service, and through the entire stay, they are in touch to ensure that we are comfortable and have everything we need.

Thank you Isano team!

Isano is the inside information you need to get the most out of your India trip! They look after you as their own – from finding the perfect apartment to the best shopping to getting your teeth cleaned, whatever you choose to do! They provided me with an awesome driver for a 2-week customised trip to Kerala, seeing some of the most stunning scenery and locations. For personal, helpful and reliable service, choose Isano ?

If there was a way to put 6 stars for service and professionalism I would! The service and value is nothing short of exceptional. I needed help connecting with people in the music industry combined with a vacation and they truly delivered! The best part is that they go out of their way to help you. It shows they really care that you have fun, are safe, and they are very responsive.

I wasn’t expecting such great communication and professionalism. I had a bunch of requests which they managed to fulfil ( apart from one as my requests can be super demanding/diva like) – you’re in good hands with these lot!

super helpful insider information & concierge service

Amazing service for wedding shopping in Mumbai. We were taken to all the stores and shopping districts. Provided with a car service, phone, and helped with money exchange. We were also given a list of restaurants, bars and places of interest to visit. Very happy to recommend. Perfect for those who may be unsure of where to go for bridal shopping.